The Word on LIFE

Answers to life using the Bible

Tired of controversies that divide?

The Bible is the foundation for living.  It is God’s Road map, Owner’s manual, the ultimate handbook.

With T.W.O. Life our goal is to answer the controversies with TWO greatest commands - LOVE GOD and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. This website and podcast is here to help inspire & encourage deeper bible study so you can find & know

The Word on LIFE.

What can you expect in the podcasts?

The Word on the NEWS

This segment is focused on the controversial topics that tend to divide. To capture the gist of the story, but focus on the answers that unite with the bible and spiritual perspective.

Freedom Stories

This segment is focused on good news. Encouraging stories of overcoming or conversion to becoming disciple. If you’d like to be a part please contact us.


This segment is focused on the way to the full life that God desires. To help with the 5 main areas of Faith, Family, Friends, Finances and Fitness. Look at ways to achieve greatness in all 5 for “fabulous” life!

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